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Transfer Credit Guides

A list of CPA PEP prerequisite equivalent courses from universities and colleges in Atlantic Canada and Bermuda.


Prospective CPA Atlantic School students and candidates may complete prerequisites for the CPA PEP program through recognized institutions across Canada and abroad. Prerequisites can also be completed through CPA preparatory courses.

The above post-secondary transfer credit guides includes recognized courses from several universities and colleges in the Atlantic region and Bermuda. Courses taken at universities and colleges not listed here may still be assessed.

Improved access to preparatory courses for Francophone business graduates looking to enrol in the CPA PEP.

CPA Atlantic School is pleased to inform our francophone students of a new way to complete the pre-requisites for the CPA PEP. Offered entirely online and in French by TÉLUQ University, the CPA Pre-requisite Certificate is now available and provides increased access to pre-requisite courses to the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP).

Courses included in the certificate can be found in the above equivalency chart, for more information on the certificate contact, or visit TÉLUQ online.

Questions on registration and prerequisite courses?

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