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International Students

Information for those who have studied internationally.


Applicants who have completed a degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in the United States do not require a third-party assessment of their degree. Exemption from CPA pre-requisite courses will be assessed on an individual basis. Applicants may be required to submit course syllabi for relevant courses during the assessment process.


Applicants who have completed a degree from a recognized post-secondary institution outside Canada, the US, or Bermuda will need to submit a third-party assessment of the degree as part of the international eligibility assessment process. A World Education Services (WES) International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP) is required for applicants who have completed an international degree. Detailed course syllabi from your institution may also be required to determine exemptions from prerequisite courses. These documents provide the detailed analysis the CPA Atlantic School needs to comparatively evaluate your international courses against CPA Canada's educational standards.


Regardless of nationality or citizenship status, all applicants with transcripts from universities or colleges outside of Canada, Bermuda, or the US are subject to CPA Atlantic's international transcript evaluation fee.


In addition to the academic portion of the CPA certification program, there is a practical experience component which requires the equivalent of 30 months of full time, relevant employment. This is separate from the academic criteria and it is the responsibility of the student to secure relevant work experience to satisfy this component.


Canadian study permits are required for all international students studying in Canada. Any immigration, study permit or work visa related questions must be directed to the federal department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), as they are authorized to advise you on required Canadian study and work permits. International students and graduates of the CPA Certification Program who do not have right of residence in Canada are not entitled to a Post-Graduation Work Permit, as issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.


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