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Become a CPA

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CPA Preparatory Course Fees (PREP)


*Challenge exams are available only for the core CPA preparatory courses, and are available only to students who have:


  1. Completed a course(s) through a post-secondary institution (PSI) that no longer meets the 10-year currency requirement for exemption. The course must be; 

  • equivalent per the provincial transfer credit guide (linked below), or 

  • eligible for a partial exemption as per the self-assessment tool




  1. Completed a course(s) through a post-secondary institution (PSI) that can­not be sufficiently verified for equivalence through acceptable supporting documentation. In which case, the student will be required to complete the self-assessment tool and attain the minimum required coverage of topics (50%) to be eligible to challenge the exam.


A formal CPA eligibility assessment will be required in order to determine your eligibility for CPA exemptions and challenge exam opportunities. You will find the provincial transfer credit guides linked below. Please let me know if you wish to proceed with an eligibility assessment and I will assist you in the application process. 


Provincial Transfer Credit Guides



British Columbia





“Canadian residents are subject to 15% HST”

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