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Your final steps to becoming a CPA

On behalf of the CPA Atlantic School of Business, we want to congratulate all those who passed the September 2021 Common Final Examination (CFE). This is a huge milestone in your career, one that should be celebrated. You should be very proud of yourself, all your hard work and perseverance, especially during these challenging times, have paid off.

Your final step in obtaining your CPA designation, is completing the Practical Experience portion of the CPA program. To help you verify your PERT requirements for reporting, we have put together a list of items for you to review prior to submitting a final assessment for completion.

1. All candidates are required to achieve the following to complete the practical experience requirements:

  • Minimum 30 months duration

  • Core, depth and breadth

  • One question, per enabling competency, achieved at a level two (all parts must be answered) For further guidance, please review Guiding Questions for Enabling Competency Responses.

2. All experience reports should have a minimum of at least:

  • Three or more reporting periods of 6-12 months increments in appropriate sequence (no overlapping)

  • Candidates should review both their PERT home page and consolidated summary to confirm duration and competency components have been achieved.

  • As an EVR candidate, please ensure:

  1. Responses are clear and robust

  2. Duties and tasks align correctly with the appropriate technical competency