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Updates to CPA PERT

The CPA profession is very excited to announce that it has made substantial changes to the CPA Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT) to improve the user experience.  The improvements include a new dynamic interface and enhanced functionality to help students and candidates complete their practical experience reporting.

The new enhanced features and functionality include:

  • New Interface: An updated look and feel, including clickable buttons.

  • Instructional Text:  Descriptive information is now available throughout PERT to help guide users through the reporting process.

  • New Home Page: Includes task management functionality and a summary of progress towards completion of practical experience.

  • Action Items: Notification of upcoming and overdue tasks or action items that require completion will now appear on the new Home page.

  • Automated Emails: users will now receive an email when they are required to complete specific tasks/action items.

  • Next Experience Report Date: Identification of the date a student or candidate's practical experience needs will be updated. 

  • Resource Page: This page contains informative materials related to practical experience.