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Partnership between CPA Atlantic School and ISANS

CPA Atlantic School of Business is not just known for helping people in Atlantic Canada and Bermuda on their paths to a great and rewarding career. For years we have also prided ourselves on our ability to help people worldwide who want to relocate to the region.

A key example is CPA Atlantic School’s partnership with ISANS (Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia). The CPA profession works closely with internationally trained accountants to help them achieve their certification, ensuring there are multiple support services available along the way.

One such service is the profession-specific language training course offered by ISANS. This program provides an opportunity to build communications skills in the world of finance. The curriculum has been designed to address the needs of newcomer accountants and finance professionals in Nova Scotia. With a focus on communication skills and strategies for workplace situations in the financial sector, participants practice tasks to strengthen language development to interact with employers, co-workers, clients, and peers more easily.

CPA Canada also offers its own program to help newcomers adapt: our free Adapting to the Canadian Accounting Workplace course module. This focuses on the more professional side of communication, such as:

• Writing an effective accounting resume

• Developing strong interview skills

• Giving and receiving appropriate feedback

• And recognizing and facing ethical dilemmas.

ISANS also has a Financial Bridging Program to help potential CPAs access the program. This provides people with access to accurate information about the CPA licensing program, training sessions and workshops with experts, and opportunities to complete work terms within the financial industry.To be eligible, a prospective CPA must be:

• Educated in accounting or finance

• An immigrant, Canadian citizen or permanent resident

• Registered as an ISANS client

• Registered with an Employment Specialist at ISANS

• And complete one of the Job Search Strategies workshops.

CPA Atlantic School generally offers open info-sessions with ISANS on a quarterly basis, plus individual meetings and tailored programmatic advising. Of course, similar such partnerships exist in the other provinces as well.

CPA Atlantic School of Business is incredibly proud of our work with ISANS, and the talented accountants from the world we've helped achieve their goals. As 2021 begins, we look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come.

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