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eMental Health Tools and Services

The following message is on behalf of the Province of Nova Scotia’s Higher Education Branch of the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

Dear students and candidates,

We understand that students are facing many challenges due to COVID-19, the public health measures being taken in the province, and the effect this has had on the training and educational experience of students. These serious events will understandably produce new anxieties and emotional pressures for everyone. It is important to know this and to take appropriate steps to care for ourselves.

The Province of Nova Scotia has made eMental Health supports available, and these are directly accessible to you. You are encouraged to consider these resources as part of your self-care as you, like all of us, attend to physical and emotional well-being.

The following supports can be accessed through the web address which follows:

ICAN (Conquer Anxiety and Nervousness) – Anxiety Program: People looking for help for anxiety and depression can benefit from doing this program. In this program, you will learn and understand anxiety.

Mindwell U: (5 minutes a day to learn the basics in mindfulness) A free online challenge that takes just five minutes a day, and can be accessed anywhere and on any device.

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO): A free and private online resource available to Nova Scotians. It includes interactive activities and videos for people having challenges with their mental health.


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