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(EN) August 2020 CPA assessment schedule / Calendrier d'évaluation CPA août 2020

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The profession remains committed to keeping you on track in your journey to becoming a CPA. In light of the continued impacts of COVID-19, the profession is providing updated information on the August 2020 CPA preparatory course assessments, including assessment delivery, the schedule, requirements, the timing of future communications and a request for feedback.

The August 2020 assessments will not take place in-person at exam writing centres but will be delivered remotely. Students will write their assessments at home or another remote location using their own computers on the evaluation dates and times specified below. To prepare to write your assessment, ensure that you have:

· reliable Internet access

· word processor (i.e. “.docx” format) and spreadsheet (i.e. “.xlsx” format) applications installed on your computer

· the hardware, operating, software and other computer requirements specified in the Learning management system and computer requirements section of the CPA Canada Preparatory Courses Student Guide