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Become a CPA.


As a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), you can work in any sector, anywhere in the world, and at any level of the organization you can imagine. Earn what you’re worth and experience the best opportunities to influence wherever your heart and career takes you.

Why become a CPA? Five CPAs in the Atlantic provinces have an answer to this question, the benefits of the CPA designation, and the most important thing one learns as a CPA.

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What is a CPA?
(And what isn't?)

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  • Globally, there are many accounting designations recognized by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

  • CPA Bermuda is affiliated with the Canadian CPA designation.

  • Over 900 members in Bermuda and over 210,000 members internationally with the Canadian CPA designation.

  • CPAs are one of a handful of "regulated" professions, such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc..

  • A CPA is not a degree, it's a business designation - and it is among the the world's largest and most prestigious.

  • On its behalf, CPA Atlantic School of Business promotes and delivers the program in Atlantic Canada and Bermuda.

The unique career advantages of
Being a CPA

As experts in “the language and toolkit of business,” CPAs have a distinct advantage in being able to choose careers, sectors, and places in which to apply their unique skillset. While CPAs do analyse the past and present, it is always with the strategic aim to envision and build future opportunities.


Work in any sector you choose, from wealth conservation to environmental conservation, gold mining to cannabis farming, trading floors to digital platforms


In any role you can imagine, from VP finance of a professional sports franchise, as an international forensic auditor, to a niche entrepreneur.


Wherever in the world you like, from your home town to Toronto’s financial
district, to Fogo Island in Newfoundland, to Europe, the US, Caribbean or Asia


With incredible job security, whether from the network of 220,000 CPAs,
consistent high demand from employers, or the great CPA salaries.


And the ability and opportunities to give back, whether as volunteer
treasurer for your favourite cause or as a highly credible community leader.

Become a CPA

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