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Conditional Admittance

A prospective student may request a transcript evaluation on the grounds of conditional admittance for the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP). Additional materials will be required to verify an applicant's current academic studies at an accredited post-secondary institution. A transcript evaluation with unofficial transcripts, should be followed by a pending graduation letter from their university and a second copy of unofficial transcripts upon the release of final grades. Once a student is enrolled in CPA PEP conditionally, it is their responsibility to provide official, sealed transcripts in an appropriate time-frame, or face deferral and related deferral fees. Should an applicant be accepted on conditional admittance and not meet the minimum grade requirements for their current course(s) in progress, their conditional admittance will be revoked and the applicant will be subject to an administrative fee.

If you have question regarding your eligibility for CPA pre-certification programs, please contact one of 
CPA Atlantic's Program Advisors.

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